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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We collect the following information about you; your email address, your name, and the address given at point of ordering.  We do not store any bank or card details, since all transactions go through PayPal or our website’s payment system.


We use your email address to send invoices for yarn clubs (if applicable), and to contact you regarding your order. We also send out a newsletter via email.  If you have previously subscribed to our newsletter your email address will remain on the list unless you unsubscribe.  


Your name is used solely for order or contact purposes (For instance, your address label).


Your address is only ever used to send you goods purchased or won. 

How your data is stored: 

All of your data is stored on private devices which are protected by password.  These devices are not shared. 


If you use a sign up form for yarn club or pre-order, then your email address and name are stored in a private Google Sheets spreadsheet. These spreadsheets are only kept for the duration of the yarn club/order, and are then deleted. All of our sheets are password protected. 

All order details, including website purchases are kept for tax/accounts purposes.

We will never share or sell your information. 

Your rights:

You have a "Right To Be Forgotten", which means that we must remove your information at your request, not just "unsubscribe" you. As previously stated, if you unsubscribe from our newsletter we will delete your details completely. However, if you think that we may be storing your information unnecessarily, and you wish to be forgotten by us, please email us at


We do need to keep order details, this is classed as "lawful use", and we cannot remove them from my records. Old/unused yarn club information is deleted after use, and once/if you leave an ongoing yarn club, you will be removed from the spreadsheet straight away

In the unlikely event of a data breach:


We do not store vast amounts of data, and weI are a relatively small operation. However, should we be subject to a data breach, we will contact all affected persons. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions at

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